Ucon Acrobatics

Ucon Acrobatics unites a passion for creative design with sustainable mindset. We stand for durable products that go beyond seasons. Instead of following fleeting trends, we focus on timeless silhouettes. We feel responsible, not only for what we do but also for what we don’t do. That is why we always stay true to our motto: “minimal design, minimal emission”. This approach is driven by the belief that less can actually be more, and that nothing should suffer for a quality product – not humans, not animals and not the environment.

Great products call for great materials. Ucon Acrobatics started out with cotton bags and backpacks. However, the conventional cotton industry became more and more objectionable to us since it partly includes destructive agricultural practices. The production of cotton needs large amounts of water and pesticides. This is not the way we want to go. We want to change that and be part of the solution, and you can support us in achieving that!