Hamburg Summernight
Hamburg Summernight
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Hamburg Summernight


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Innovative design meets extravagant craftsmanship: the Hamburg Summernight sunglasses blend both elements to perfection. These shades combine high-quality black lenses with a flat, nickel-free metal frame in matte black for a stunning all-black aesthetic. The frame is made from featherlight, ultra-flexible metal plating, making them super comfortable to wear. The premium black lenses have an EU category 3 UV standard for first-class protection against those harmful rays. So, treat yourself to the Hamburg Summernight for a fresh portion of style, day or night!

• Reliable sun and UV-protection (EU category 3 Norm)
• High-quality lenses
• Featherlight frame made from flexible nickel-free metal
• Manufactured by hand
• Packaged in an elegant leather pouch and the legendary Kapten & Son wooden box