Berkeley Tortoise Green
Berkeley Tortoise Green
Kapten & Son

Berkeley Tortoise Green


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A pair of sunglasses for all those individuals who feel at home in any sunny spot- whether on the beach or atop a ski slope. The Berkeley Tortoise Green lies comfortably on the nose, thanks to its robust yet lightweight frame made from acetate. What is special about the Berkeley is that it features a mix of warm, dark colors on the frame and high-quality green lenses. All sunglasses from Kapten & Son come with lenses made with a EU category 3 standard which boast the highest standards for UV-protection and will ensure to shield you from those harmful UV rays.

• Elegant brown patterned sunglasses
• Reliable sun- and UV-protection (EU category 3 norm)
• Green premium lenses
• Shapely frame made from high-quality acetate